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A blessing if there's any

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:46 am
by majestik
Home Hemodialysis is a blessing, if you have to be on dialysis; considering the alternative. With In Center dialysis, you have to visit a dialysis center three times a week on a fixed schedule. The time you get to the center may be fixed, but like everything else in the medical industry, the time you leave is not always fixed. But that isn't the only issue. The center staff, for most centers in the US, are not certified nurses but a blend of nursing assistants and other types. I many cases the only medical training the staff has is the one provided by the center.

The staff who are charged with providing nursing services have little or nor understanding of anything pertaining to blood, kidney, or dialysis. They have mechanical knowledge but hardly can explain why they do anything. Of course that does not stop them from trying. Usually, there's a nurse in charge whose job is to administer medications. But like most nurses in America, they are ill informed about the disease condition or knowledge of the patient and rely solely on physicians who themselves it turns out are also quite ill informed.

But that is not the worst part. It is the disrespect, attitude, lack of basic clinical protocols and negligence of the staff, married with the usual dirt of most dialysis center and of course the imagery of despair. Patients have no control over the environment and their mental health is subject to continued battering.

Home Dialysis on the other hand is done in an environment the patient has better control over. The best home dialysis is when there is a care-partner, preferably a medically trained and certified nurse. But even a solo home hemodialysis is much better than an in center alternative.

In Home Hemodialysis you have control over the amount of dialysis you get and how often. It is easier to tailor the treatment to your medical state and schedule it around your life.

The key weakness of home hemodialysis (well it is mostly true of in center) is the lack of proper monitoring of the patient. While the dialysis process generates oodles of data, the folks who collect these data have know training on how to make these data into knowledge.

This is where self review and advocacy becomes essential. The problem with that though is most patients do not have the faculty to make sense of the data either. This is an opportunity for health data analytics company to come in and provide an app that help patient tease out knowledge from all the data.

All in all, home hemodialysis is a blessing, if you have to do hemodialysis anyway.