Living with Dialysis

Lets talk about home hemodialysis and how you are coping everyday
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Living with Dialysis

Unread post by majestik » Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:19 pm

I wrote a long form article about living with dialysis with emphasis on home hemorrhages-dialysis. My research and interviews with people living with Dialysis, and my personal experience have shown me that 1) it is possible to live a relatively ok life with dialysis, 2) It is possible to be completely miserable while on dialysis, 3) personal advocacy and personal care is an essential element of successfully living with chronic health condition, 4) the money financial resources you have, the better your success with chronic illness, 5) social support and a healthy social network is a key to living well with chronic illnesses, 6) mental health is an important factor in living with chronic illnesses, 7) and more importantly, don't trust your medical team 100%, they are often more concerned about their job than they are about your health.

Here is a link to my article(s). Yes, I plan to expand on the core article in some way. I will also be turning it into a podcast, so stay tuned. ... sp=sharing

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